fotografia na szkle
fotografia na szkle
fotografia eksperymentalna
magdalena skalicka
Technology : Photo emulsion on the plate, glass, paper
Dimensions: 20x30 cm
Camera captures an true image of the world, that belongs to a fraction of time. I have started working with my archive in order to record a broader spectrum of that, what is happening around and within me. A humanity captures and perceives the world based on his former experience,  making a synthesis of his own experience, inner images supported by visions. Through connecting images of landscapes with images of people I create a new idylic motive, that shows the folk nature and symbolism of my native culture. I lay photographs on to multiple layers, that connect to reveal an image of my soul. I often appear at places, that evoke memories and visions of the past, based on which I create sights that would not be possible otherwise.
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